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Location is a key part of a businesses success anywhere in the world: However, in Shanghai where the building and area you choose has far reaching implications beyond what you might imagine upon arrival.  Many foreign businesses choose to do in-depth studies and even order white papers to determine the best location to showcase their goods or services.  This can cost considerable time, expense and, ultimately, have an outcome only equal to the research capacity and knowledge of the specific industry, which are often of questionable unreliability.  It is not surprising that an increasing number of newcomers to the market are choosing serviced offices which offer international level quality services and locations.  Some even provide that at prices near to or equal to non-serviced versions.  This is extremely appealing to a business that is aspiring to focus on and succeed in the competitive Chinese local market.  The benefits include but are not limited to:

v  Speed- Instead of hiring an interior designer, a contractor, visiting endless furniture factories and showrooms and spending weeks managing the process, you can simply walk in, open your laptop of iPad and start working.

v  Flexibility- In a standard office lease in China, you must pay up to 13 months rent in advance in addition to the contractor, fire hazard inspector, buy furniture, with the seemingly endless measuring and re-measuring and alterations that require complete re-think of design on a regular basis.  Obviously if you are unhappy with the result, which is quite common in Shanghai, you must rip out the whole mess and start again. Often the results are quite different from the original plans or what need to maximize the attractiveness of your products.  With a serviced office you can sign a short-term lease, extend as necessary, and add extra space as you grow and succeed in the Chinese Market.

v  Staff- Offices such as Serviced China’s Jing An Temple Serviced Office space have several different companies hiring staff, growing, buying computers, finding accountants, looking for partners and most of all, excellent Chinese staff that can help leapfrog the competition.  In a serviced office where all the companies are hiring it is quite common to see one company introducing a particularly talented staff to another and the other way around.  Another massive benefit is that the office is often a few minutes on foot from the station. Many office staff do not appreciate walking long distances in the rain to standard office locations.  Finding and retaining high quality staff is never easier than in a serviced office.

v  Everything is included in the price- The most common complaint in Shanghai for new companies is the “hidden fees” and other nasty surprises inherent in opening up a lone office.  The unknowns are immense and lessons are painful and expensive for many foreign firms.  Even purchasing and keeping the coffee machine maintained is not as streamlined as in many other international cities.  In a serviced office like Serviced China, freshly ground coffee, clean cups and spotless restrooms are par for the course and can have a significant effect on your companies impression in the market.  Especially when you are looking for the first big deal in China.

v  Expandability- After you get that first deal in China and need to recruit the team to implement the solution for your customer, you will suddenly need more space.  China is a massive market and when things go good, they are at “China Speed” which is generally 5 times faster than anything than previously experienced.  You will greatly appreciate being able to saunter up to the front desk and double your office size in a half an hour instead of spending another few weeks looking, moving out and settling into yet another office space. Not to mention the not insignificant loss from breaking the previous lease.  More and more foreign companies are finding that the flexibility and expandability are essential for successfully entering and growing in the Chinese market.

v  IT, Electrical and Phone Support- Many foreign firms executives are using English, German, French or Japanese operating systems and simply connecting to the wifi can be a headache. Also repair quality expectations and speed of implementation often are at odds with standards in the local market. Chinese holiday are notoriously difficult to get IT, phone or any other support, in fact.  With a Serviced China- Serviced Office, you are covered 24-7, 365 days are year. Our IT and service staff live in the same building as our office and are on 5 minute call 24 hours a day. Being connected in China is essential but is much more complicated due to the Chinese characters, Chinese firewall and other important differences from international standards.  With Serviced China Serviced Offices are joined by many like minded companies and protected from an IT outage over 5 minutes, year round.  To some customers this is the most important feature of our offices.

v  Security- With a standard office in China you are responsible for all security and monitoring for all outside risks of theft and physical safety of employees.  With a Serviced China Serviced Office, although Shanghai is a safe city you have the added comfort of knowing you are protected by staff and electronic surveillance 365 days a year. In addition, as there are 39 other offices on the same floor, other human beings always surround you. It’s never a lonely quiet office, which is common in many office buildings in China: Especially during holidays when risks rise significantly.  You are worry free in a Shanghai Serviced China Serviced Office Space.

v  Many other benefits: Meeting rooms, coffee area with 12 comfortable sofa chairs, English speaking front desk staff, a nice guest meeting area in the lobby and a well kept kitchen complete with refrigerator and wine storage cellar.

To many of the long-term lease’s of Shanghai Serviced Offices, we thank you for choosing us and appreciate the environment you create here. Many companies that started in the Shanghai market began at our offices and often introduce other firms with the same intent. It is a unique environment with many small firms working toward a common goal. Success in China!

Paul Salo is an expert in Chinese commercial and residential real estate and office space. To find out about how you can succeed in China, go to the main website at Serviced Offices Shanghai



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