China TV and Broadcasting


The Serviced China Production Team is composed of veteran photographers, sound producers, broadcast quality videographers, recent university graduates in Journalism and Television industries with the latest skills and outlook, TV editors in Shanghai and China documentary videographers.

We love what we do and work together storming venues all over Shanghai to deliver everything from footage the screams “Old China, Old Shanghai!!” to unique, hard to find festivals and Chinese traditional arts. We will get you the unique China footage you crave.  We know the city well from living here for almost 20 years and know exactly where the line is in China. You don’t have to worry if you work with Serviced China production team. We will make your time in China a pleasure and you will leave with that killer Shanghai time lapse you want.  Also we love food and know all the good small eats in town and banquet for after shooting is over.  We make sure the crew is happy and well fed.   Happy to pass on recommendations from past clients like the BBC, Fox News, TV3 New Zealand and many more cool documentary teams.



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