China Relocation Services Part VI (final)


Daycare may be a challenge as China adapts to the increased demands put upon this rapidly growing foreign community, prior investigation is key for this to be a success. All arrangements must be made and not left for chance if both spouses are working full time. Expat’s need to clear about healthcare:
Will it cover the family for the duration abroad? What exactly is covered? What is not? Will I have
access to an English speaking doctor and hospital that is near my residence? Will the prescriptions that I need be available in China? Are there alternatives? These are some of the questions which need to be
asked by the expat’s and family, too.

Getting around in a city like Shanghai with its population that growing by the day is not an impossible task if done with a bit of preparation. A sophisticated system of subways, trains, buses and motorways are all functioning like any 21st Century city. The trick is to master the methods of transportation and driving your own personal vehicle may just be not what an expat wants to put his family thorough
upon first arrival.  The cost of a taxi may just be lower than parking and safer than driving.

Overall, the reward of having the experience living in China as an expat are very rewarding and help advance the career as our world becomes smaller and smaller each day. Promotions are its just reward.
The expat can expect greater financial rewards, reduced taxes, increased salary and family will have a memory that will last a lifetime. Many will agree that the cultural exposure is just one fringe benefit that comes to mind as Mandarin Chinese is rapidly becoming the language to learn in most colleges and university settings these days.

Success or failure will be the ultimate determiner of a foreign company & the ability to transplant your corporate culture to china without any hitches. Salo Homes has the highest overseas expat success rate in China with the focus on your corporate success in china and your corporate bottom line in mind.

-Paul Salo

The author is owner of Shanghai’s most successful relocation firm with over 90% expat assignments under their care successfully completed.   Their goal  is two-fold: One to maximize corporate ROI by successfully integrating personnel to the Chinese corporate structure and to maximize the ease with which individuals cross the culture barrier thus allowing them to contribute their greatest gifts.


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